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Knee pain is common.

We all experience knee pain at some point, whether its training for a half-marathon, climbing the stairs or simply just sitting with your knee bent. The stickler is that once your knee is strained, it often goes into protective mode.

This is where the outer quadriceps, ITB, hamstrings and calf simultaneously get tight, whilst the inner knee stabilizer (VMO) and glutes tend to switch off.

This can lead to pressure on the kneecap (patella) and in some cases, can outlast the original injury. This muscle imbalance can be difficult to overcome on your own and can possibly become chronic but there is definitely something you can do.

Our unique approach will have you feeling better right from day one with a combination of expert assessments and effective hands-on treatment.

Who We Work With
We don’t work with just anyone with knee pain, but if you have the following symptoms there is a high chance we can help you:

You’re getting nagging knee pain that’s stopping you from doing what you love
You find your knee getting achy and stiff while sitting
Using stairs has become an issue due to pain
You have trouble squatting or kneeling due to pain
You are getting knee pain while running
Your knee clicks a lot (a possible sign of early arthritis)
You are concerned about early onset knee arthritis and want to avoid surgery

How We Help You

01. Give you an accurate diagnosis and identify relevant contributing factors
02. Bring rapid relief through the use of innovative manual therapy techniques (that don’t involve medication or surgery)
03. Education and empower you to keep your knees healthy in the long run with a personalized home/gym exercise program


Patellar Tendonitis / Bursitis
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Meniscus Tears
Sprain/ Strains
Ligament Injuries (ACL/MCL/PCL/LCL)
ITB Tendonitis/ Syndrome
Muscular Tear

Don’t Delay Your Treatment

The occasional ache or pain may be nothing to worry about, but failing to pay attention to strong pain may end up causing you a lot of problems in the future. If knee pain is reducing your ability to take part in the activates you normally do, then it is time to get it looked at. In general, chronic knee pain or clicking that is affecting your life is a sign that something is wrong. A serious problem will not correct itself, and left untreated, can result in more pain and irreversible damage.


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