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Shoulder pain can be complex because of the interactions between the spine, scapula and the shoulder
joint itself. Pain can activate the fight/flight response, sending the muscles around your neck and
shoulder into protective mode. This muscle imbalance can be difficult to overcome on your own, but
there is definitely something you can do.

Our unique approach will have you feeling better right from day one with a combination of expert
assessment and effective hands-on treatment.

Who we work with:
We don’t work with just anyone with shoulder pain, but if you have the following symptoms there is a
high chance we can help you:

You’re getting nagging deep shoulder pain that’s stopping you from doing what you love
You find your shoulder getting achy and stiff while sitting at a computer
You’re getting shoulder pain at night that disrupts your sleep
You have trouble lifting your arm due to pain
You are getting shoulder pain while driving
You are getting frequent headaches
You get shoulder pain when you are swimming, throwing a ball or lifting weights (Cross fit, F45 etc)

How we help you:
1. Perform a comprehensive, holistic Initial Assessment, give you an accurate diagnosis and
identify relevant contributing factors

2. Bring rapid relief through the use of innovative manual therapy techniques (that don't involve
medication or surgery)

3. Educate and empower you to keep your shoulders healthy in the long run, setting you up with a
personalised home program

If you think we are the right fit for you and you wish to get relief right away, give us a call directly at
780-540-1115. Aspire Physiotherapy We Get Results.