Custom Orthotics: You Get What You Spend

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Custom Orthotics: You Get What You Spend


Money matters. As much as we’d like to pretend that it doesn’t when it comes to our health, we all know it does. So why should you spend your well-earned money on a pair of custom orthotics? I’ll give you my answer. 

Custom orthotics are the price they are because they are just that, custom.

Every pair of orthotics we create here in our clinic are made especially for you and your feet. (Think of them like snowflakes, there are no two pairs alike!)

Making custom orthotics is a multi-step process. We make sure that we get them exactly right for each and every client. So what should you expect from your orthotics?

Read our manufacturing process below!

Step 1: A general assessment is completed to examine your movement, stability, and lower-body joint positioning. This helps inform us about what, if any, other measures need to be taken to ensure you get the best results from your orthotics. 

Step 2: A thorough biomechanical gait assessment is completed. Our high-tech gait scanner will read the way that pressure is placed through your feet as you walk and stand. This information is analyzed and turned into a digital gait model so that the orthotics can be made to provide support and cushioning exactly where they are needed. 

Step 3: A foam mold is taken of both feet and sent off to a lab for the manufacturing process. Once we’ve received the newly made orthotics, we’ll conduct a final assessment to ensure that everything fits perfectly before you take your brand new orthotics home with you!

Now that you understand the process, let’s talk about why they are worth the money. 

You might be wondering what the real difference is between custom orthotics and any other pair of orthotics you could pick up in a drug store? The difference is in the effectiveness of the orthotic in correcting biomechanical issues and relieving pain. Drugstore orthotics may help add cushioning to your shoes but they cannot provide the targeted effects of custom-made ones. Consider the difference between drugstore eyeglasses versus prescription eyeglasses purchased from an eye care professional… Although drugstore eyeglasses may provide some degree of assistance with close-up or long-distance vision, they cannot compare to the clarity found using custom, prescription eyeglasses. 

So how do you know if custom orthotics would be a useful option for you?

Here are some of the most common issues that custom orthotics are used to treat:
  • pes cavus (high arches) 
  • pes planus (flat feet) 
  • plantar fasciitis
  • general foot, heel, and toe pain
  • low back pain and knee pain caused by biomechanical issues

If you would like to get more information about how custom orthotics might work for you, message our team at admin@aspireyeg.com and we can help you find out!



An important note for custom orthotics patients: while we do offer direct billing to most major insurance companies, your benefits plans will ask you to pay and submit. When reaching out to our team, be sure to ask for our Orthotics Info sheet, so you can learn more about the reimbursement process!
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