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Welcome to Aspire Physiotherapy!

We are accepting new patients. Here are some things to keep in mind and read through before your first visit.

Intake Forms

First time MVA, WCB or Pelvic Floor Patient?

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Intake Forms


Make sure to print and complete the forms that pertain to you and email them to us before your first visit at admin@aspireyeg.com.

If you can’t fill these out in advance, please arrive 15 minutes early to your first appointment. If you were involved in a motor vehicle accident, please arrive 20-30 min early.

For Physiotherapy patients: please fill in ALL FOUR PAGES of the intake form!



  • At our clinic, we will prescribe you a unique treatment plan that is customized to your specific pain problem.
  • These prescriptions are used to help motivate you to follow through with your entire treatment plan, and to ensure you reach your rehab goals!
  • This means that we often will ask patients to book 2 – 3 weeks ahead of time. To ensure you get the time slots you need and don’t miss out, come prepared with your schedule so we can find the times that work best for you!

Appointment Times & Cancellations


  • Appointments must be cancelled or rescheduled within 24 hours notice of the appointment’s start time. Failure to do so may result in no-show fees of $50.00 being charged to your account.
  • Be aware that first appointments / assessments take longer than regular treatments. Feel free to ask our team for approximate assessment times.
  • Please arrive early to fill out paperwork if unable to complete the digital intake forms (15-20 min early arrival, or 20-30 min early arrival for MVA patients).

What to Bring


  • Please bring your insurance information – either the physical card or the information on your phone – as we direct bill to most major insurance companies.
  • Please bring any copies of imaging reports or doctor’s notes, such as Xrays, MRI, CT and US reports.

What to Wear

For acupuncture and physiotherapy appointments.

  • Clinical gowns and shorts are available, however, patients may bring or wear their own comfortable clothing
  • Comfortable / loose clothing, and shorts if your complaint is below the waist
  • Ladies: bring or wear a tank top or sports bra if needed

No Shoe Policy


We do not allow outdoor footwear in the clinic. We ask that you please remove your shoes in reception, and leave them on the provided boot trays.

You are also welcome to bring indoor footwear or to wear socks.

No Vistors Policy


Due to COVID-19, we do not allow additional visitors to attend appointments at this time. All children, partners, or additional parties must wait in their vehicle and will not be permitted to wait in reception. 

Should you require a translator or movement aide, please let reception know when booking the appointment.

COVID-19 Policy


We follow strict public health guidelines to provide a safe and clean space for our employees and patients alike. These include mandatory face coverings for any treatments at our clinic, and a no-visitor policy.

Please read through our Covid-19 policy by clicking the button below.