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How can we help you?

We offer many services, in addition to traditional physiotherapy, to quicken and enhance your recovery time.


How does Physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy is extremely effective for soft tissue strains and tears including muscle and joint related injuries. Physiotherapists treat an extensive list of injuries. Our experienced physiotherapists will be able to quickly identify the most effective treatment plan for you.

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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy focuses on soft tissue manipulation to promote relaxation of the body’s nervous system and enhance muscle performance. A natural form of therapy that promotes healing, circulation, and waste reduction in tissues… The goal of massage therapy is to restore and maintain optimal health and pain-free function of the body.

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Encompassing a combination of traditional Chinese acupuncture and Western medical science, acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine needles into the skin at specific points to achieve a variety of effects such as pain relief, reduction of swelling, and improved circulation. The release of endorphins and opening of a person’s ch’i or energy flow can relieve multiple symptoms.

Medical acupuncture is not appropriate for all patients, and thus an assessment is required to determine if it is appropriate for you.

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Custom Orthotics

Foot biomechanics play a vital role in the way the body moves and functions. A custom foot orthotic is a biomechanical insole achieving alignment of the foot and ankle and an anatomically efficient position.

Your orthotic evaluation will involve a thorough history and complete biomechanical assessment including a clinical gait analysis, and the creation of a 3-dimensional mould of your foot.  Your custom-made prescription orthotic will be unique to your condition, activity level, and to the footwear in which you will use them.

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Shockwave Therapy

We’re proud to announce that we are official providers of radial shock wave therapy! The EMS Swiss DolorClast machine is one of the best in world, providing the solution for those suffering from musculoskeletal pain and tendinopathies.
Shockwave therapy activates your self-healing process! A radial shock wave is a single acoustic pressure pulse applied to injured tissue, that initiates your body’s repair sequence. The shock waves cause an increase in blood circulation, the activation of stem cells, and a reduction of pain felt by the nerves.

Dry Needling

Functional dry needling (sometimes referred to as intramuscular stimulation or IMS) is a modern, science-based treatment that deals with musculoskeletal conditions that cause pain and dysfunction in your body. When your tissue is damaged, inflamed, or irritated, the nearby muscles tend to contract (this causes restriction of blood flow to the area).

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