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A Good Foundation

When our back hurts, we usually assume there’s a problem with our back. While this may sometimes be the case, often the problem actually lies within our feet. Proper alignment starts in the feet and if our feet aren’t supporting our body’s weight properly, we start to see problems elsewhere like our hips or back.

A good analogy is to think of your body as a house! If your upstairs window won’t close and you know there’s nothing wrong with the window itself, it makes sense to consider that the foundation of the house might be what’s causing problems upstairs.

Our feet actually have 3 arches with 26 bones each. Aligning these bones while supporting and strengthening these arches will result in better total body alignment.

Custom Orthotics

Foot biomechanics play a vital role in the way the body moves and functions. A custom foot orthotic is a biomechanical insole achieving alignment of the foot and ankle and an anatomically efficient position.

Made Just for You

Custom-made orthotics come in any shape or size you need them in, and fit most shoe types. Technology has come a long way both for taking measurements of the foot as well as crafting the orthotics themselves. Here at Aspire Physiotherapy, we use the Orthotic Group, a leader in orthotic manufacturing. The best part about having your orthotics custom-fit is that these devices are made precisely for your foot, unlike the inserts you find at the store.

Having an insert expertly made just for you will give you the maximum benefit that orthotics can offer.

Custom-made orthotics or ‘stabilizers’ work by acting a bit like an exoskeleton providing strategic support to relieve pressure and allow the foot to relax. With the foot relaxed and property aligned, movements become more fluid and pain is decreased.

If you’ve noticed a change in what’s known as your gait or the way you walk or you’re tired of not doing anything about your constantly aching feet, there’s good evidence that these orthotics can help you. If issues are left untreated, it could develop into painful conditions over time.

For patients experiencing painful conditions such as foot pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, capsulitis, calcaneal apophysitis or other associated problems, about 80% will find their pain is resolved by their orthotics.

Your orthotic evaluation will involve a thorough history and complete biomechanical assessment including a clinical gait analysis, and the creation of a 3-dimensional mould of your foot. Your custom-made prescription orthotic will be unique to your condition, activity level, and to the footwear in which you will use them.

Over a million points of data are recorded, tracking minor flaws in your biomechanics and shedding light on issues that if left untreated, could develop into painful conditions over time. 

Proper orthotics can provide pain relief from a number of painful conditions related to:

  • Foot Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Arch Pain
  • Improve overall quality of life

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a prescription for custom-orthotics?

No medical referral is necessary, however, it may be required for reimbursement from your extended health benefits. Due to the exactness required to fit your foot and the craftsmanship involved in making these, an experienced physiotherapist should perform the orthotics fitting.

Will my insurance cover my custom-made orthotics?

Most insurances will cover custom made foot orthotics if they are direct billed by a physiotherapist. You can pay and submit to your insurance company with a few pieces of necessary information: this includes a biomechanical assessment form (filled in by the Physiotherapist), a fully paid receipt (received upon payment) and a proof of manufacturing form (received with your custom orthotics). If you’re unsure about coverage and reimbursement rules, you can always double-check with your insurance company before your appointment.

What to expect at your orthotic appointment

A physiotherapist will observe your gait and check the shape of your feet. You’ll be asked questions about what kind of shoes you typically wear, what types of activities you do, and also about your pain.

Your physiotherapist will perform a comprehensive orthotic evaluation and determine the best treatment plan for your feet which may involve other exercises in addition to proper orthotics. The physiotherapist will then take measurements of your feet in order to write a prescription for your custom orthotic inserts to be made.

Are custom orthotics uncomfortable?

You might experience some discomfort as your feet get used to your new orthotics. Your physiotherapist might instruct you to ease into and will let you know when and for how long to wear your orthotics. Always double check that the correct orthotic is in the left and right shoe. 

How often will I need to wear my custom orthotics?

After your feet are used to the orthotics, it’s best to wear them the entire time you’re active.

How do I know if I need orthotics?

If you’re looking for a non-invasive way to ease your foot, ankle, or joint pain, orthotics might be precisely what you need. An expert physiotherapist can examine your feet and give you a better idea of if functional orthotics can help you.

Aren’t orthotics unsightly?

Orthotics have come a long way since their inception in terms of design and aesthetics. We think they look pretty good especially… when they’re helping ease your pain.

Custom Orthotics South Edmonton

If you are looking for a South Edmonton orthotic provider, we’re ready to get you walking the path to better alignment and better health. Our orthotic solutions are affordable and insurance covered, and our team is here to help you get started. . Call us today and book an appointment for a complimentary custom orthotic assessment and fitting!