A Patient’s Guide: When to Start Physio After an Injury

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A Patient’s Guide: When to Start Physio After an Injury

Has this question ever crossed your mind, "How soon can I start physiotherapy?"

 a lot of people don’t know the answer! You would be shocked to learn just how many of my patients suffered with a treatable injury for months, or even years, before deciding to make an appointment to come see me. 

Rather than getting treatment immediately after an accident, or at the first sign of new pain, people may sometimes choose to wait until their issue becomes significantly problematic. They wait until their injury begins interfering with their work, or their favorite activity, or maybe even their ability to take care of themselves or their family. Waiting to address your injury will only make your recovery take longer, and can potentially lead to complications that further the damage done. 

When an injury is left untreated for too long, compensatory movement patterns can set in. Muscles that run adjacent to the problem area may become more tense and stiff due to the body’s natural protective mechanisms. Alternatively, certain muscles may become weak due to inactivity of the limb or joint. Chronic inflammation may develop and lead to irritation within the affected joints, leading to bigger injuries such as connective tissue tears. 

So, how soon should you start physiotherapy after you get injured? The answer is.. right now! 

Is it swollen? We can help bring the swelling down and start the healing process.

Is it too painful to actively move? We can help reduce that pain and take you through passive ranges of motion to ensure that you don’t lose your mobility.

Are you waiting for imaging? We can provide education and advice to get you through the interim period.

Don’t wait for your injury to affect your life and your wellbeing, get it treated now! If you need any more information about how physiotherapy can help you start your recovery process today, contact one of our team members at 780-540-1115 or admin@aspireyeg.com.

Please note: If your family doctor or health care provider has recommended waiting to start physiotherapy due to pain medications, cortisone shots, or other health events, please follow their professional advice! We’ll be here to help at any time.

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