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Aspire Physiotherapy

Established in 2017, Aspire Physiotherapy is a premier South-side Edmonton Physiotherapy facility for rehabilitation and injury management. Our physiotherapy clinic is located in the heart of Ellerslie, on 91 Street, and is committed to providing the highest quality of patient centered care and an exceptional client experience.

We Get Results

At Aspire Physiotherapy, our highly-educated physiotherapists pride themselves on quickly finding the root cause of your discomfort and providing the most advanced treatment techniques to get you back to the activities you love. Whether a new injury or one you’ve been suffering from for months or years, we welcome the opportunity to show you how, “We Get Results”.

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Monday - Friday9:00 AM — 8:00 PM
Saturday10:00 AM — 5:00 PM
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Services we offer

We are committed to quality, hands-on patient care
– The best in modern physiotherapy.

Treating nerve, joint and muscular pain for those struggling from acute or chronic injuries.
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Registered Massage Therapy
Fundamental to injury recovery, pre- and post- surgery treatment and a powerful relaxation aid.
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Medical Acupuncture
Using the body's ch'i to help release muscle tension and allow the body to heal naturally.
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Women's Pelvic Physiotherapy
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Vestibular Rehabilitation
Minimizing vertigo and dizziness by restoring normal function of the vestibular system.
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Athletic and Functional Taping
An extra push in affectively treating pain and achieving optimal performance from our certified Athletic Therapists.
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Custom Orthotics
A biomechanical insole achieving anatomical efficiency and alignment of the foot and ankle.
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What our clients are saying

Afternoon everyone, it has been awhile since I was a client and I just want to tell you I have been feeling amazing and been able to do my job ( EMS ) without back pain. Sure the muscles get tired due to the amount … Read more "Thanks Aman!"
-Justin Stapley
Very friendly staff and noticed a significant improvement with my hamstring/hips from the very first visit. As an athlete I would strongly recommend Aspire Physiotherapy!
-Gopal Minhas
I went to Aspire physiotherapy for my knees after not having made any progress at one of the Lifemark clinics in Edmonton for several months. I saw Aman, who quickly made a proper diagnoses (quadricep tendopathy), different then Lifemark. He had me recovering in weeks. … Read more "Highly Competent Physios"
-Travis Fair
I showed up at Aspire barely able to walk and in a great deal of pain. Manas and his team immediately took me in to give me a better sense of what’s happening. They went above and beyond to coordinate with the doctor next door … Read more "A few weeks later, I’m back to normal!"
-Rumi Mohammed
Aspire came out free of charge and helped out an entire soccer team for 2 weeks. Very knowledgeable staff that take a hands on approach. I recommend them to all with all type of issue small or large.
-Vic Josan
My experience has been very positive. Aman took the time to explain my problem and why he did the procedures he did to correct my symptoms. He went beyond the symptoms and explained the body functionality of the cause of the symptoms. I would highly … Read more "I would highly recommend Aspire to anyone I know!"
-Helga S.
The staff is very helpful and willing to go above and beyond for clients. Aman has helped me with my recovery from ACL reconstruction and been great to all the athletes in my youth basketball program that have come to him.
-Sunny Sooch
I came in with left knee pain and it was affecting my daily life. After an accurate consultation and treatment I was on my way to recovery. I was given some stretches to do at home and after a few visits, I was good as … Read more "Effective results"
I am a tennis player and have been to Manas Kathuria for my tennis elbow treatment as well as for chronic ankle pain. He is an exceptionally good physiotherapist and I am extremely happy with his level of expertise and dedication. His treatment plans work … Read more "Exceptionally good physiotherapist"
-Ashna Subramanium
I had to go to the Nova medical clinic for a check up with my doctor, and found this little gem, Across the hall, 6 weeks ago I fractured a bone in my foot and had a sprained Ankle, Aman was in and gave me … Read more "An AMAZING experience!!"
-Angie Petryshyn
I play tennis on a consistent basis and was struggling with my knee and was not able to play at a competitive level, I tried a few places for with very limited success till I was recommended by a friend to see Manas at Aspire … Read more "Back to my competitive tennis – thanks Aspire!"
-Nipun Mehta
My right knee was bothering before and also had lots of pain- After 3 visits with physiotherapy I feel much better!
-Harjinder Khaira
This place was recommended by a really good friend as I had injuries sustained through a MVA. The physiotherapists and massage therapists at Aspire are amazing (skills and professional environment)! A loved one went through a major surgery and I’m recommending this place to him. … Read more "MVA – top choice"
-Rashim Sharma
Highly recommended clinic. Therapists are very experienced-knowledgable and staff is very friendly-helpful that makes perfect clinic. Neat and clean with all latest equipment clinic.
-Drashti Shah
I have been seeing Aman Hansra for Physio at Aspire, and he has been absolutely incredible at what he does to help me recover from my knee surgery. Aman and Manas are very knowledgeable physiotherapists, and have solid experience with special techniques such as dry … Read more "Recovered from knee surgery"
-Karshil Desai
I’ve had recurring bouts of acute lower back pain over the past 2.5 years. I’ve never had physiotherapy before, however on the recommendation of my family doctor I decided to give it a try. I was treated by Manas (physiotherapy) and Chang (acupuncture). They were … Read more "Chang & Manas treated me – and now I’m back to normal!"
-Ferrel Antione
So many patients are commenting on how great these therapists are!!!
-Cindy Clark
Being a gym freak, I overworked my back and was looking for a reliable physiotherapist, who would consult and advice me based on my situation, with a fast fix, because I cannot afford to miss my work. I came across Manas Kathuria and so far, he is … Read more "Best consultant you can visit!"
-Rahil verma
I was having trouble with my knee and in preparation for a cycling trip I came in for a knee assessment. I now have the tools to keep my knees healthier and I look forward to keeping active, now that I am pain free it … Read more "Thank you!"
Manas Kathuria fixed my sciatica, I was almost at the point of getting out of my trade cause of it. He explained well what was going on and what I can do to help it get better. I’m very impressed with the results!
-Gabriel Cormier
I was recommended to Aspire by a very good friend of mine when I messed up my back. I walked into the clinic with excruciating pain and unable to walk or drive. Walked out and drove home in an hour! With continuous back issues I … Read more "Instant pain relief – thanks Manas!"
-Riki Roy
I came to Aspire Physiotherapy because I pulled the muscles and tendon in my shoulder. It often hurt to move my arm in certain directions or when I lifted things. Manas made my time here very comfortable and he was very professional. We worked on … Read more "Very Good Experience"
-Amanda Ross
I visited Aspire for several physiotherapy sessions. I was very impressed! The clinic is very new and modern and the physios spend a lot of time working with patients, providing hands on therapy. They are very knowledgeable! I felt better after 2 sessions after suffering … Read more "My Hip is Much Better"
-Amy Matthews
I have been battling with a shoulder issue for more than a few years now… I am a competitive athlete and Aman understands this. I have had the opportunity to be treated by Aman in my bad days. Across the board, the best physiotherapist I’ve … Read more "Across the board, the best physiotherapist I’ve ever seen!"
-Anas Ahmed
I have had pain in my hips and legs and feet for a period of close to 3yrs. Since coming into Aspire Physio and having Aman work on my legs etc., I have noticed a huge difference. I found it hard to climb stairs and … Read more "I have more Strength and a lot less Pain!"
-Brent Heddleston
I’ve had tendinitis in my knee for the past couple of months due to wear and tear from sports. It had gotten to the point where walking up and down the stairs was painful. When I came to Aman with my issue, he got me … Read more "Tendinitis treatment with Aman"
-Nav Sangha
This clinic is one of the best I’ve been over the last 10 years. Aman was extremely knowledgeable and the program he provided me highly efficient. He was aware of how quickly I wanted to get back into sport and, and he developed a program … Read more "Great service!"
-Simran Mahal
Within 3 session Manas and Aman’s combination of physiotherapy and acupuncture techniques had resolved the pain I was having in my lower back. I had been to various physiotherapy clinics before where it would take weeks or even months to resolve back pain issues I … Read more "My New Go-To"
-Alixandra Jade
When I came into the clinic, I had a lot of back pain and discomfort walking, standing, sitting and with most movements. My pain was 7/10. All of my appointments were helpful to heal my back pain. The staff at Aspire are awesome! Friendly, professional … Read more "I am getting to live normally again!"
-Genelle Routhier
Hands down the best physio clinic in Edmonton!! Manas is a phenomenal therapist. I have recently starting seeing him for hip issue and the results have been outstanding. Manas uses dry-needle acupuncture and after the first section, I was able to sit and stand without … Read more "Manas – phenomenal therapist!"
-Rose Ebanks
I am a busy person, my job is working with a disabled individual, then I have to be strong. Then I started to have neck and back pain… I tried other physiotherapy and I didn’t have any results and I wasn’t feeling any better. Thank god … Read more "Thank God My Family Dr Recommended Me to Aspire Physiotherapy"
-Mariam Mitchell
I was in an accident this winter and decided to go to Aspire for treatments. I was impressed with the staff and treatment provided. Everyone is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. I also love to hear that the therapists are continuing to upgrade and always … Read more "I’m getting back to my normal life – thank you Aspire!"
-Michelle Norris
Great location, excellent staff! Aman always goes above and beyond to ensure his patients have the proper care and is very hands on. As an athlete he is very experienced and understood my needs and my goal to get back to playing soccer after surgery. … Read more "Highly recommend Team Aspire!"
-Amy Hans
I have had great results working with Aman. He understands that as an athlete I often have more than one area of concern at a time. Very thorough and never feel like I’m being rushed. Helpful and friendly staff!
-Kyle Gilmour

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