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Here at Aspire, we accept any WCB patients that come our way. Your first assessment and treatment are covered by WCB on your date of visit, and you may be approved for further treatment dependent on your claim details. If you’ve been injured at work and need treatment – here’s what you need to do.

WCB Next Steps

     1. Tell your employer

Communicate with your employer if you’ve been injured at work or are suffering from an occupational disease. They are required by law to report your injury to WCB in 72 hours if:

  • You need medical treatment beyond first aid
  • You miss time from work / cannot do your job beyond the date of accident

      2. Tell your health care provider

Communicate with your doctor or health care provider about your injury. They are required by law to report your injury to WCB in 48 hours.

      3. Tell WCB

Communicate with WCB Alberta about your injury and complete a report of injury. You can obtain these forms from your employer, any WCB office or online here.

If you have further questions about the WCB claim process for workers, please review the 5-stage explanation found here on their website.

     4. Begin Treatment

If physiotherapy or any one of our provided services is needed for your recovery and return to work, please contact us. We would be happy to book you in as fast as possible.


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